Stephane [Sensei]Information Technology

Areas of expertise
  • Unix/Linux
  • VMware
  • MS Products
  • Server and Hardware support
  • xxxxxxxx

Been working within IT since the of age 21 for several IT
company’s in Sweden with focus on server and network environments.

Started my own company 15 years ago and have approx 70 active customers for
which I provide service and maintenance for. I work mainly with MS products,
such as exchange SQL and VMware. Own a server farm just right outside of Stockholm where I host various customers servers as well as lab server. I provide server support as well as needed hardware need to run the projects.
Today I have 14+ Active servers with a total of 22 running VMS.

Born and raised in Stockholm in Sweden.  Married since 2007 with Marketa who is born and raised in Prague in Czech Republic. 43 years old.